Companies that invest in training enjoy a faster return on their investment in our programs. Today, SWRemote offers two training options for your company:

Web-Based, Instructor Led Training

This is a 2-hour session with the owner, operations manager, or lead technician(s). A digital training manual will be sent via email and the instructor will work through the manual, in its entirety, via your web browser. Topics covered include device information, dispatching, and a complete service call. At the end of the session, our team will remain on the conference call to answer specific questions and demonstrate areas that you feel need clarification.

On-Site Training 

An SWRemote training and support technician will spend the day, or days, at your office and with your technicians. The on-site option is best for customized, hands-on training. Like the web-based training, this program works through a customized course complete with a training manual, but unlike the web-based training, we're available right there at your site, or on a ridealong, to answer questions and get your team up to speed quickly! On-site training expenses will be the responsibility of the company that purchased training, and include travel to and from our Buffalo, NY offices, local transportation in your area, lodging, and meals.

To schedule a training session, please call our Sales Department at 1-800-299-2079, or fill out the form below.


You can also download the SWRemote manual here