Produce professional digital work orders and invoices that are easy to read and ready for print and email.

One Step Work Orders & Invoicing

Going from a proposal to a work order to an invoice is seamless with Field Nimble. Work orders show all approved proposals and let you decide how to present the finished work. On your invoice, you can show multiple payments, add discounts and waive fees. When the job is complete, the customer receives a professional, company branded invoice presented to them at home, on the app as well as emailed or mailed.

A Personal Touch

Standardized invoice statements, like terms and conditions, policies, and guarantees can be a template default on each invoice. 

Add personalized fields and properties to enhance your customer experience, such as suggested services and maintenance, the tech's name, etc.

These fields can be used for third parties as well, such as warranty, reimbursements, etc. 

Any Price Book

Whether you charge flat rate or bill by the hour, Field Nimble has you covered. Get started by importing your price book, a purchased price book from a national provider, or build your own right in Field Nimble with our easy to use interface. Then, add pictures and content to make your invoice the best looking one in town.

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