Capture credit cards and process checks on-site in real-time.

Take My Money

When your customer is ready to pay, you can't let anything get in the way. Field Nimble processes:

  • Credit cards
  • ACH (electronic check) payments
  • Physical check and cash recording
  • 'On Account' or Purchase Orders
  • Custom fields and properities allow for in-house or partner financing options.
Additionally, we process multiple payments types for each job, use this for payment plans, split payments, etc. 

Credit Cards Made Easy

With Pointman Payments, you can have access to your credit card payments as soon as the next day. We have a low flat processing rate of 2.99% per transaction. No hidden fees. You will always know your cost on every transaction.

It's Your Money

We understand how important cash flow is for a small business. We don't "hang on" to your payments to make an extra buck. With a direct connection to our provider, electronic payments go directly into your account.

Real-Time Checks

Taking checks is great. No Fees and even the most cautious customers are comfortable with it. The problem has always been the risk is left on the business owner - you risk a bounced check and the associated fees. For a small additional per-transaction fee, our provider offers real-time funds confirmation to make sure that your customer's check is good and that you're getting paid today.

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