Keep track of real-time employee locations and status and record time punches from the field.


On-boarding new team members is a breeze. Just enter the employee’s email or mobile phone number to send an invite. One quick download of the Field Nimble app on a mobile phone or tablet and you’re ready to put them to work.


Organization and information about your people is critical, so we let you group your employees into teams in any way you want. Do you think about your organization by employee skill level? Create “Master”, “Journeyman”, and “Apprentice” teams. Do you differentiate by service type? Create “Install”, “Service” and “Maintenance” teams. Have someone who is great at installation and service and want them in both teams? Go ahead. Employees can be in as many teams as you want.

It's in the Details

Want to get even more specific? Yeah, of course you do. With Field Nimble’s custom fields, we let you add your own fields anywhere in the system. Build on the basic employee profile and capture any information you want. Want an even quicker way? Yep, we have that covered, too. Tag employees with keywords that describe specialties, certifications, skills, or anything else. System-wide search lets you find the right tech for the job, every time by team, tag, or custom field. 

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