Reduce Duplication

Need to keep track of customers with multiple properties? Field Nimble lets you track your customer and where you provide service separately so there is less duplication to manage. Techs in the field manage your customer profile, so they can gather all the intel you need to make smart decisions. Capture manufacturer plates on assets so you never have to ask a second time.

More Than Words

They say a picture’s worth a thousand’s words. Field Nimble lets your technicians record on-site photos of the property and customer equipment. Record “before and after” photos, capture permits, make a visual of service, or just gather information about opportunities with a simple snap-shot.

Tag & Track Everything

The best sales people know everything about their customers. Field Nimble’s fully searchable custom fields and tags lets you create and track the profile you want for every customer and each service location. Add an “HOA Board” flag so you know who your most influential super-referrers are, or a “Personal Note” field to capture a funny story about the homeowner’s dog for a personalized thank-you note. Add the fields you decide are important and let our easy-to-use mobile app do the rest.

Information is Opportunity

Everything about your customer is available to the technician on-site. Our user-friendly mobile app puts all the information in the hands of your technician on-site and gives them the tools they need to track, work, and close opportunities. Mine the gold dust for more sales by tracking equipment and other key owner information to generate add-ons and up-sells. Field Nimble helps you keep your relationships going by driving repeat business that's good for you and the customer.

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