Meet Pointman.

Where you are from, tells a lot about who you are.
Pointman is from Buffalo, New York - our software and mobile apps are developed and supported, literally on Main Street. Our home services software started 2006; we created Field Nimble, because we wanted to give small contractors the same opportunity as large contractors, but at an affordable price and without all the bulk of expensive CRMs.

We started Pointman with a single mission, "To positively impact the lives of home service contractors, their employees, and their families through better technology."

I am so proud of what we’ve learned and accomplished in that time, working with some of the greatest, most hard-working contractors all over our great country and abroad.

Our team has small business ownership in our DNA, having started and run multiple consulting and service-based businesses since the mid-nineties. Owning and running a small service business takes a special commitment, a tireless drive, and a unique fearlessness not found easily – we don’t just understand it, we live it! It’s why we do what we do here at Pointman.

In every contractor who joins the Pointman family, we see people who are making a difference in their lives and their community. We see people unafraid to go the extra mile for their neighbors, their customers. We see hardworking people who care deeply about their workmanship and their reputations, and we are humbled to help.

Our Pointman team, understands that keeping Main Street alive, keeps our communities alive and contributes to the success of America.

Thank you to all the Pointmen out there, near and far, unafraid to lead, to discover new paths, and to press on in all circumstances! We couldn’t do this without you!

Steve & Steve